Free Seminar: Advancing The Throwing Athlete

Chet Sternfels, DPT, OCS, is passionate about sports and even more passionate about the health and safety of athletes.  Advance Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is excited to offer a free seminar about Advancing the Throwing Athlete.  Parents, coaches and anyone else interested in the health and proper development of their throwing athlete is encouraged to attend.

We asked Chet why this type of educational seminar was important to him.

“As a father, coach, Physical therapist and former athlete, I am pleased to present the latest research on how to develop arm strength without increasing risk of injury in our maturing athlete. I would like to assist our youth coaches and parents with safe and effective techniques of strengthening, throwing mechanics and how to recognize signs of pain with throwing. As the number of kids involved in youth sports has increased, the number of injuries have grown exponentially. My goal is to decrease the number of injuries we see in our youth and help develop well rounded athletes while maximizing there skill and potential.” 

Chet Sternfels

Topics for the evenings event are:

  • Understanding the risks of over training and over utilization of the adolescent male and female throwing athlete
  • How to quickly screen athletes to determine the ability to throw and who is at risk

  • How to train and prehab your overhead athlete to increase strength without increasing risk of injury 

  • How to quickly analyze the throwing athlete to decrease risk of injury

  • How to prepare a proper warm up and include dynamic strengthening with practice utilizing proper pitch counts and rest for certain age groups

  • The role of the coach, parent and medical staff in training an adolescent athlete

    The Free Seminar will be held February 23rd from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Hampton Inn in Morgan City and dinner will be provided.  Seating is limited so please RSVP by February 20th by calling 985-384-1999.