Patient Testimonials

After knee replacement surgery and completing in-home physical therapy, I chose Advance Physical Therapy because of word-of-mouth recommendations I received from friends and customers. The very first visit was a nearly one hour stretching session by Jason Jones, followed by another hour of well-supervised gym movements, then another stretching. Because of scar tissue concerns, I had daily appointments. I can honestly say that I saw remarkable progress each day for 2 months. Another plus is that there are only patients, no wellness members, at his Thibodaux family. Jason is a very gifted physical therapist who knows exactly how hard to push each of his patients to ensure great results.

James B.

After joining the Metabolic therapy program at Advance Physical Therapy, I began losing weight and am now 2 dress sizes smaller. I am enjoying increased energy and stamina, no longer experiencing aches and pains when I move, and I'm working on building strength. My Program was configured by Jason at Advance PT and designed specifically to meet my needs. My motivation comes from my continued progress, the one on one guidance from the staff (like having your own personal trainer), and the ever present positive attitude, smiles and feedback from the Advance PT staff.

Paulette P.

You are given one on one personal attention whether you are the only patient or if there are several patients in the gym at one given time. The staff are very friendly and are concerned about your needs. They assist you with scheduling your appointment. They always work with you so your appointment is exactly when you need. Upon leaving the office you can always hear someone say "Have a good weekend or a good day" I would highly recommend Advance Physical Therapy to anyone.

Cheryl H.

I have been to Advance several times for knees, shoulder, and neck. The staff is like a family. They are friendly, professional, and helpful. I would not go anywhere else for therapy. Anything they can do to help you be more comfortable they will do it. I would advise anyone that has to have physical therapy to go here. Advance Physical Therapy is the place to be when you need help.

Betty O.

My experience here has been exceptional. They have been with me since the start of my rehab. I am walking and doing my ADL's because of the therapy and attention I have received from all the staff members.

Pam A.

My experience with Advance PT and the staff has been nothing but positive. I originally started seeing Chet after my surgery to repair a severely torn hamstring. I can honestly say that Chet has completely rehabilitated me. I actually feel I am in better shape then I was before my accident. I am now going to Advance PT on a regular basis as part of my wellness program.

Mike L.

I am on my second time attending Advance PT. I would never consider any other place. The staff at Advance are kind, helpful, very interested in their job and the patient, and just plain super.

Arlene F.