Achilles Tendon Care


The Achilles tendon is the large cord-like structure at the back of the ankle.  It is responsible for transferring the muscle forces generated by the calf, which in turn allows you to roll onto the ball of your foot during walking and running.  We don’t realize it, but this tendon can withstand tremendous stress.  It can tolerate forces of greater than 1,000 pounds.  However, it is also a tendon that can become inflamed and injured.  Symptoms include pain (in the tendon or where it attaches to the heel bone), swelling, weakness in the leg, and morning stiffness.  Discomfort that resolves as the day progresses, is common.

Often, we will see clients that experience chronic Achilles tendon pain.  New research concludes that there is hope for these patients.  Recent studies have shown that a certain Achilles condition called tendinosis, responds very well to a specific program of, what we call, eccentric loading.  Given enough time and proper technique, we can help these patients recover from a problem that may have been bothersome for several months.


“What should I put on a strained muscle or joint?”  We get this question all of the time.  The answer is a simple acronym – R.I.C.E.

REST – You need to rest an injured joint, muscle, or ligament.

ICE – Ice helps with pain relief and to some degree, decreases swelling.

COMPRESSION and ELEVATION help decrease the swelling that results from a soft tissue injury.

Who do you know that is experiencing Achilles or some other type of foot pain?  There is a good chance that we can help, and often make dramatic changes in someone’s condition.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at our Morgan City Clinic (985-384-1999) or our Thibodaux Clinic (985-448-5888).