Lower Back Pain – Choose PT First

8 out of 10 people experience lower back pain sometime during their life.  Moreover, about 4% of people have ongoing or chronic lower back pain.  Here is some important information for people who experience a new episode, also known as an acute case of lower back pain.

  1. YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK – The spine is a strong, mobile and dynamic stretcher.  At times it can be very uncomfortable but the pain almost always goes away.
  2. DON’T RUSH TO GET AN MRI – MRI test show a lot of false positives.  Abnormal findings on an MRI are often nothing more than the normal aging process of your spine.
  3. SEE A PHYSICAL THERAPIST FIRST – Scientific research has demonstrated that patients with a new episode of lower back pain that see a Physical Therapist first have fewer surgeries, fewer spinal injections, fewer expensive test and a decreased need for addicitve opioid medications.
  4. PHYSICAL THERAPY IS EASY TO ACCESS – It may take you days or weeks to see a medical doctor but in most cases you can see a Physical Therapist within 48 hours.
  5. IT COSTS LESS – Multiple studies have concluded that on average care for acute back pain cost significantly less when you see a Physical Therapist first.

As you can see, Physical Therapy has little to no side effects, it’s natural, it’s easy to get treatment and on average, it’s more affordable too.  As expert clinicians in conservative, natural rehabilitation, we provide considerable value to those that have joint pain, muscle problems, and movement disorders.

We hope the message will provide you with confidence and information to advise your family members and friends when it comes to the treatment of joint pain, muscle problems, and movement disorders.

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