PAIN…it’s something we’ve all experienced

Pain can help prevent more serious injury.  For instance, it can make you quickly pull your finger away from a hot stove or keep you weight off of a broken ankle.  The causes of muscle and joint pain can usually be diagnosed and treated and the pain ends.  But in some cases when the pain develops slowly or persist for months or even years, then it’s called Chronic Pain and it can be tricky to treat.

Chronic pain is a huge problem; over 115 million people nationwide suffer from some kind of long-term pain.  Not only are drug therapies like addictive opioids not helping, they are harming record numbers of people.

Pain is not an input from the environment, it’s an output from the brain.  Differences in how we think and feel pain involve our personality, mood states, emotions and even our fear of pain itself.  Scientists are uncovering answers and physical therapist direct care can help.  In one study, volunteers were told how pain works in the body and brain which led to significant improvement of their overall pain perception.

New treatment strategies involving pain education, progressive exercise, sleep hygiene and proper nutrition can significantly decrease chronic pain.  There’s hope for people suffering with chronic pain and physical therapy can be part of the solution.

Who do you know that suffers with chronic pain? Do them a favor. Share this with them and you’ll be sharing some great resources that may just help someone finally cure their chronic pain.  We are here to help!